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Video – Oral Histories

The I-Hotel was rebuilt because of the dedication of community leaders who persevered against decades of financial obstacles and political struggle. It took the combined efforts of the International Hotel Citizens Advisory Committee, St. Mary’s Church and School, Chinatown Community Development Center and leaders of Manilatown to fulfill the dream.  The story of the rise of the I – Hotel is the story of the stewards of this vision.  We are fortunate to have video recordings of their narrative of how they implemented their vision. (Thanks to Isaac Obenzinger for his videography.)

Click on a link below to view the video interview.

Rolland Lowe (44:36)

Father Daniel McCotter (43:35):

I-Hotel Citizens Advisory Committee (1:01:51)
Right to Left: Helen Bautista (sp?), Henry Der,Linda Wang, Al Robles, Harvey Dong

Burk Chung (41:49) with Amy Chung

Al Robles Pt I (40:58) (Bio)

Al Robles Pt II (1:01:04)

Al Robles Pt III (10:38)

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