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How many tenants are there currently and their average age?

We are currently have 139 tenants in the building; average age is 80.

What are the demographics of the residents; single vs couples, gender, veterans, English vs non- English speaking, racial composition?

In accordance to HUD’s fair housing policies we are not able disclose details of this information to the public.

What is Tenant Services?

Tenant Services is a free and voluntary service that residents can participate in at any time, at any level. Interested in…. Bingo? Resident leadership? Karaoke? Neighborhood planning and advocacy? Field trips?   Case management, resources and social services? Arts? Health? Civic engagement opportunities? Food? Internet? Community builders and holiday celebrations? You name it, and we probably offer some form of it to enrich the quality of life for our elders.

Why are services needed?

While I-Hotel is an independent senior living community (as opposed to an assisted living center or skilled nursing facility), the average age of a resident is 80 years old. We offer programming that aims to support the whole elder so that s/he can age in place with dignity, and live independently for as long as possible. Moreover, Tenant Services is committed to building community and resident empowerment.

What is resident empowerment? What does it look like at the I-Hotel?

(Identify core values/principles of what resident empowerment is. Describe the functions of leadership body of Resident Council, floor captains, and volunteers. Integrate services with leadership.)

(Post a picture of the I-Hotel Resident Council public roster).

What does a typical week of activities look like for a senior at the I-Hotel?

– list a broad weekly sample platter of programming. (perhaps a pictorial calendar)

  • Office Hours with Tenant Services Coordinator, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays
  • Meals for Seniors at Self-Help for the Elderly, M-F, daily 10am-1pm
  • Weekly Groceries, Thursdays
  • Walking Club, monthly
  • Bingo, 2nd Tuesdays
  • Karaoke, 3rd Tuesdays
  • Monthly Resident Meetings, 4th Tuesdays
  • Cyber Cafe at Manilatown, Tuesdays-Sundays, 1-6pm
  • Resident Council (Leadership) Meetings
  • And more.

8715_danceClassWho are some of your key partners?

(Write a 2-3 sentence blurb about each of the below partners and its function, and how each has a special relationship with I-Hotel. Goal is to hyperlink it to its own website, and/or loop back with something on the I-Hotel website under “partners”)

– Self Help for the Elderly

– Manilatown

– St Mary’s Catholic School

– Chinatown CDC (advocacy, neighborhood planning, leadership development)



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