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When did construction start and finish?

The construction begun in 2003 and completed on August 26, 2005.

How much did it cost and where did the monies come from- break down by sources and amounts?

The development cost is $28,800,000; funding sources: Mayor’s Office of Housing, HUD, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program (FHLB AHP) & CCDC Capital Campaign.

How many units, studios and 1 bedroom apartments, and how many square feet of each type?

International Hotel Senior Housing contains 104 apartments of senior housing – 88- Studio (353 sq ft) and 16- one bedroom (439 sq ft); and 1- two bedroom  resident manager apartment.

What does a typical I-Hotel residential unit look like?

The majority of the units, 88 out of a total 104 residential units, are studios. Studios come equipped with full kitchen, full bathroom, and living room /bed room. They meet accessibility guidelines for the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Furthermore, all units are equipped with emergency pull cords in the bathrooms and living rooms. Units have an impressive view of the iconic skyline and/landmarks.

What other spaces are there and its square feet; Manilatown Center, Community Room, Kitchen, Roof top garden, laundry room….)

Spaces Size (sq ft)
Manilatown Center 2,226 sq ft
Community Room 2,210 sq ft
Roof Top Garden 1,400 sq ft
Laundry Room 308 sq ft
Exercise Room 124 sq ft




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